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Loyalty Bonus

For all subscribers to our workout video service – effective immediate.

Team Be Body Smart would like to thank you for your loyal support of Be Body Smart Workout Service over the months. We will be working on a new website in the new year and until it is ready we are happy to offer you unlimited FREE access until further notice.

Your account will still be active, you will simply no longer be charged so you can continue to enjoy our workouts completely Free.  A username and password will be sent to you together with login instructions.

Our New web site will be launched early 2016 and you will not be charged once this is re- launched. We would be delighted if you continue to follow our workouts and healthy eating program and you will be first to know once our site is re-launched.

You can also still follow us on our facebook page and email us any questions you have.

We hope you continue on your quest to a healthier lifestyle and we are delighted to be a part of it.

Lorna and Fiona, team be Body Smart